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7 Must-See TV Shows for Runners

You could train for a marathon… or you could schedule a marathon of TV-watching. Hey, we’re here for you either way. We’ve rounded up the 7 best sitcom episodes involving America’s favorite pastime: running (suck it, baseball!). It’s the perfect to-do list for your next rest day, even if that’s every day.


  1. Parks and Recreation, “Soda Tax” (s5, ep2)

Andy needs to get in shape in order to join the police force, and that means running 2 miles in under 25 minutes, which he immediately assumes is a typo in the regulations because it’s not humanly possible. Chris and Tom offer to help and take him to the track to run laps.impossible

Key quote: “I’m so hot! That was horrible! I’m going to die! I’m so tired. Everything hurts, running is impossible.”



  1. Friends, “The One Where Phoebe Runs” (s6, ep7)

Phoebe’s unconventional running style serves to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, and to run for the love of running, flailing Kermit arms and all.

Key quote: “I run like I did when I was a kid because that’s the only way it’s fun.”


  1. New Girl, “Secrets” (s1, ep19)

The episode kicks off with Cece standing Jess up for a running date (total BRF foul, Cece) and culminates with a 10K in which Jess hobbles to the finish line 3 hours later, and Cece barely breaks a sweat. Sometimes life isn’t fair, but their friendship is salvaged.

Key quote: “Are you ready to run?? I’ve got my playlist all ready—actually it’s Diane Keaton’s autobiography, and she just filmed ‘First Wives’ Club,’ and it’s getting me puuuumped!”

"Puns are freaky and they creep me out and you know that."

“Puns are freaky and they creep me out and you know that.”


  1. Veep, “Running” (s2, ep9)

Vice President Selina Gomez runs a road race, but the best part of this episode is that everyone on her staff is too out of shape to catch up with her and share some important political news. It’s the best part because you’ll watch it and be like, “Hey, I totally could have caught up to her! Those guys can’t even run a mile!”

Key quote: “Ma’am I’m gonna need you to speed up or slow down. We can’t have you in a photo finish with a banana. It’s a caption contest waiting to happen.”

Bonus quote: “Hey, do you know what my time was?” “What’s good?” “Like an 8-minute mile.” “Yeah, that.”

Never get beaten by a banana.

Never get beaten by a banana.


  1. The Office, “Fun Run” (s4, ep1)

Classic, classic television. The ever-clueless Michael Scott organizes a rabies awareness fun run—specifically, Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure—and minutes before the race, carbo-loads by eating a takeout container of fettuccini alfredo. Vomiting ensuMichael Scott Fun Run signes and, elsewhere, severe nipple-chafing and some light cat-murdering.

Key quote: “So what’s your strategy for this race?” “Well, I’m gonna start fast. Then I’m gonna run fast in the middle. And then I’m gonna end fast.” “Why won’t more people do that?!” “‘Cause they’re stupid.”


  1. How I Met Your Mother, “Lucky Penny” (s2, ep15)

Barney runs—and wins—the New York Marathon. And then faces the challenge we all face after our first marathon: the inability to walk.

sage advice


  1. Seinfeld, “The Hot Tub” (s7, ep5)

Maybe don’t watch this one too close to any marathons you might be running, as your nightmares about oversleeping and missing the start will only be amplified. Also, choose your water cup wisely. You do not want to end up like Jean Paul Jean Paul.

Key quote: “I mean, it’s like the biggest event of your life! You’d think you’d have, like, six alarm clocks, paying off little kids in the village to come banging on your door.”

Jean Paul



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15 Sep, 2015

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