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Alert: Our Pinterest Account Has Been Hacked!

Just as I was getting ready to create a quick post to let you know Lively Running is on Pinterest, I log in to our account and see this:


Lively Running has no issue with stars n/r bling. However, we would never suggest that such an elaborate manicure has a place in the kitchen. Lively Running’s Pinterest page endeavors to bring you practical tips to help you live well, stay motivated, find fashionable athletic apparel, learn about the latest gear, and connect even further with our running community. Encouraging you to purchase holographic Chanel nail polish for cooking is not 100% in line with that mission.

chanel nails

But don’t worry, folks. We have a suspect in question. Stars? Sparkles? Easy, insider access to Anne’s laptop and phone? There was really only one person it could be. Look at those boots.

Case closed.

Case closed.

— Kate (PS. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest.)

Lively Athletics


26 Sep, 2013



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