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An Interview with Coach Janice: Making Anne Work for the Title of “Blogger”

Lively co-owners Anne and Kate are huge fans of Coach Janice Enloe and have a lot of respect for her balanced and educated views on diet and exercise. And we are thrilled to be working with Coach Janice on a series of winter tune-up classes for runners and a one-day clinic on mother-daughter on proper running form. Plus, she’ll be a member of our coaching panel on January 11 for the “Thinking About Hiring a Running Coach?” event.

Anne: So, what’s your coaching style like?

Coach Janice: I’m a personal trainer and a running coach, so when I work with runners I like to consider the whole athlete. I want all the components of the fitness program to totally support their goals and progress as a runner. We might target a specific race but always within the greater context of building a strong, injury-resistant, lifelong athlete. The focus of the workouts varies depending on the time of year and the training cycle but I like to keep it challenging and FUN.

janice and clients

A: Why do you think people should hire a running coach? Can’t I just buy a pair of shoes (from Lively Athletics) and a sports bra (from Lively Athletics) and hit the road?

CJ: And you could just download a generic running plan, too! But, a good coach will help you define realistic goals and then tailor a program to your fitness level and lifestyle. You’ll learn proper biomechanics, reduce the risk of injury, avoid common training errors, and get a ton of motivation and support along with some serious accountability!

A: What’s your favorite race you’ve ever run?

CJ: Harvest Stompede 7-mile Trail Race. It begins in a vineyard owned by Madonna’s family and ends with a tasting at 23 wineries.

A: I had to Google this one. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this is actually in Michigan, not California, as I had suspected. Madonna: staying true to her roots!

Anyway, what’s your dream race to run?

CJ: The Paris Demi-Marathon.

A: Interesting. I speak fluent French, so I in no way had to Google “demi” to find out what it means.

Speaking of high culture, if you could train a celebrity, who would it be? I’m looking for you to pick Kim Kardashian in order to boost traffic to our blog. To that end, please use the phrase “Kim Kardashian’s butt” at least once in your answer.

CJ: I was recently asked to train “Bitchin’ Kitchen” star, Nadia G (true story). However, I am no longer accepting celebrity clients after the Kim Kardashian butt debacle. (I am not at liberty to discuss further.)

my bodyguard

Here’s a photo of Coach Janice in the Chicago 10k, running with a man whom she identifies only as her “bodyguard.” I’m not saying it’s Keven Costner, but I am heavily, heavily implying it.

A: How can clients reach you to learn more about training and/or famous butts?

CJ: By calling 708.408.9307 or emailing jenloe@fitness-journey.

A: I know you have a large and loyal following in Oak Park and there’s been a lot of buzz about your new venture. Tell me about your amazing new group fitness program, Weights + Measures Fitness Community!

CJ: I’m offering group classes, Monday through Saturday in a great big space, 18 Chicago Ave. Visit for all the details. And, I’ve partnered up with Lively to offer classes to keep us in shape this winter, to train for the Shamrock Shuffle, and to share the running love with our daughters.

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06 Jan, 2015



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