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Gift Guide Part 5: Gifts for the Athleisure Fashionista

Sometimes, just putting on cute athletic clothes makes you feel almost as good as if you had just worked out. And it goes without saying that leggings are WAY more comfortable then jeans, any day of the week. So, in sum, we here at Lively totally embrace and endorse the “athleisure” trend, which you may have seen your more fashionable friends rocking for years.

If you’ve got a lady in your life who loves the streetwear-inspired patterns and colors of modern athletic clothes, we have the perfect outfit for her at Lively.

Here’s a sample of items from Desigual, a Spanish brand known for it’s bright, bold patterns and asymmetrical prints.

The cozy hoodie shown here features a soft, bright fabric on the inside of the hood, plus a zipper-pull with Desigual’s trademark heart, lime green strings, and a hot pink pop of color at the waist band. The cropped style is on trend and layers perfectly over longer tops and fitted tunics (shown here over the Lucy Dashing Stripes long-sleeved base layer).


Nothing matches Desigual quite like more Desigual, and you can find corresponding, vibrant prints on their adorable kicks, perfect for classes at the gym or wearing to and from the studio.


We’re also obsessed with the jumbo-sized duffels from Desigual, which are a fraction of the cost of similar gym bags from other brands. The same bright colors carry over, making dull luggage and boring gym gear things of the past.


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16 Dec, 2015

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