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Happy New Gear! Kate’s Visor Advisory

Important foreword: I just ran 17 miles and am recovering with a blood mary, so if the rest of this blog post makes about as much sense as that title, you’ll know why.

Now on to my new gear!

R and I went to Nashville for our honeymoon, and we stumbled upon Nashville Running Company, where I picked up this souvenir:

Kate's first running visor.

Kate’s first running visor.

The brand is Headsweats, which sounds pretty gross but turned out to exactly sum up the state of this product after my run.

But, first things first, I’m a newbie to visors and, while I don’t have any basis for comparison, I have a feeling this ‘un is a particularly good ‘un. I love it. Here are the pros:

  • It protects the unsullied purity of my lily-white face. Seriously, I worry about sun damage — I have plenty of it as it is, from my continuous, stupidly shortsighted use of subpar sunblocks that wear off during long runs — so it’s nice to have the extra protection a visor provides (“pro-visor-ides,” the bloody mary suggests?).
  • The fabric is lightweight and the band is comfortable. No chafing and, on shorter runs, I forget I have it on. That, in a nutshell, is the ideal for any piece of running gear.
  • Sweat stays out of my eyes and my vision stays clear. I have an awesome pair of running sunglasses that I should rave about in a future review, but on hot afternoons, the lenses can fog up, and it’s also harder to wipe sweat away from my eyes while wearing them. The visor stops perspiration from dripping down my face in the first place.
  • It helps my ponytail stay put. I have major troubles finding a satisfactory hair-containment system for running. I have long hair, and gravity is a jerk. With the visor, I can put my hair up in a braided pony above the band, and it won’t move.

Here are some of the — I don’t want to say “cons” — but the things you might consider when considering a visor (OK, “cons” would have been more succinct):

  • It won’t block the sun on early morning runs. If you’re running due east and the sun is rising, a visor won’t stop you from getting blinded. Sunglasses are much better in the morning. And I suppose on evening runs too, if you are going west, young man.
  • Near the end of the long run, the band started pushing on my ears. I have a gigantic head and ears that stick out, so this discomfort might be specific to the melon-headed, monkey-eared among us. It wasn’t painful or particularly bothersome, just a little annoying.
  • The visor soaks up all your sweat. This is also a plus, as that means your face juice (too far?) isn’t going in your eyes. But when I finished my long run today, the thing was drenched through and through. Like, I hadn’t thought I was sweating that much, but the visor was sopping to the very tip, to the farthest part away from my face. Where did all that sweat come from? Do I always sweat this much? Where do I put my visor until it dries? I don’t even want to touch it, much less put it on our kitchen table, but our place is really small, so where does it go?

Anyway, Headsweats visors: Recommended by Kate, but be prepared to discover that your head sweats more than you ever imagined.

Happy drinking ignoring football running!

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29 Sep, 2013

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