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Introducing … Lively Delivery!

Lively Delivery is a brand-new service from your friends here at Lively Athletics. If we don’t have the shoe you want in stock in your size or preferred color, just special order it from us, and when it arrives, we will deliver it to your door! For free!

The same goes for apparel, gear, fuel … whatever you need that is not on hand. Because we love you. We truly do. Happy early Valentine’s Day.

Payment is due at the time we take the special order. Lively Delivery is open to everyone in the OPRF/Forest Park area. The amount of time it takes to receive the item will depend on how fast the manufacturer can get it to us; we’ll let you know as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.

PS. Do you like the name? Or should we go with Lively On Demand? Lively Livery?

PPS. Additional questions about this service? Give us a call at 708-358-0605.


Color matters. Size matters. You being super, super happy matters. If we don’t have your shoe in stock when you’re here, we will special order it and deliver it to your door.


Lively Athletics


21 Jan, 2015

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