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Proper Etiquette for Running & Racing

The RRCA has released their guide to running, racing, fueling, registering, finishing, etc…….aaaand it’s pretty amazing and comprehensive.  I (Lively co-owner Anne) have certainly been in some races where a group of friends all decided to run together in one giant, unbreakable, unpassable wall of runners and have been a tad irritated by it.  The RRCA guidelines can be found here and we at Lively totally approve.  But we definitely feel they forgot a few rules that we’d like to add on.

1.  Don’t run in street clothes if you’re faster than me.  I’m serious about this.  If you’re running the race in your Levi’s, that’s totally cool, you’ve clearly got your own thing going here. If you’re running the race in your Levi’s and you’re beating me, we’ve got an issue.  I’d like you to be in head-to-toe wicking, just like me, and I’d like you to look like you’ve devoted at least 8 weeks to training for this, just. like. me.

2.  Don’t run with change in your pockets.  I mean… what?  How does that happen? You registered for the race, right? And got your bib pinned on?  Maybe checked some gear? You didn’t just stumble onto the race course, so why do you have approximately $6.85 jingling around in your pocket?  I’m not the only person who has run for a good portion of a race with Captain Jinglepockets, am I?

3.  I love what you’re wearing.  Yup, that’s a rule.  I try to be respectful and not listen to music on long runs, so my entertainment is your t-shirt.  Thank you for taking the time to custom screen something funny or inspirational on your shirt.  I read every one.

4.  Wave to the volunteer.  Are you Meb Keflizghi? Are you Kara Goucher or Lauren Fleshman?*  No?  Ok, then.  You have the time and energy to wave to the course volunteers.  That lady wearing that poncho, waving a cowbell, and shouting “Stay to your right! Stay to your right! Stay to your right!” isn’t get paid, she’s just doing it because she’s awesome.  Moreover, you owe them a double-arm raise “woo hoo” if the race is in Chicago between October and April.

*OMG are you Meb, Kara, or Lauren? THANK YOU FOR READING THIS.  Please tweet it.

5.  Be a volunteer.  I swear it’s fun.  And it’s just the right thing to do- races can’t function without volunteers.  I volunteered at the Chicago Marathon with some friends and a whole ton of us re-upped for the next year, it was such a great experience.

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10 Dec, 2014

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