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Run Report: Race Needed

I love running.  I really do.

But one thing I’ve discovered about myself is that I need something to train for.  I finished the Chicago Women ROCK Half two weeks ago and have just kind of been running sporadically and CrossFitting.

Instead of Sweaty Post-Run Anne Pictures, the best I can do is Adorable Family Picking Apples Pictures.  Please enjoy and know that I will start running again, I promise.  Until such time, I’m counting on Kate to do the running related posts.  That girl just won’t stop running.  She went for a fun little 6-miler on her wedding day.

I highly recommend getting in some apple picking if you can- I’ve been eating at least 5 apples a day and can’t get enough. The day was pretty much perfect, too.  My main complaint was that Budge is simultaneously going through two toddler phases:

1.  Talking in a loud toddler monotone

2. Constantly talking, even if that means he just has to state facts over and over again.

These two factors combined meant that we were treated to a running monologue which went something like, “LOOK.  I GOT AN APPLE.  I EAT A APPLE.  I GOT AN APPLE.  I HAVE APPLE.”


Pete and Piper walking through the orchard, holding hands. Pretty much adorable. (not pictured: me lagging behind and cramming apples in my face faster than could possibly be healthy)


Budge got to ride a horse. And that horse was BROWN (B’s favorite color). So the day was pretty much perfect. Side note, what is up with apple orchards? They used to just be a place to pick apples, but now they’re basically amusement parks. Swear to God, I went to one that had a liger.


We had to stop at an outlet mall on the way home (long story, but we are pretty much always in the market for light fixtures). Here’s Piper modeling a fur vest. She was deeply tempted, but ultimately passed on it in favor of a sparkle heart sweatshirt dress with coordinating sparkle leggings.

So, that’s my “run report” for now.  I’m currently trying to find a fun, short race to train for.  Thoughts and suggestions welcome.


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02 Oct, 2013



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