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Top 10 Fitness Gifts for Teachers

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‘Tis the season to start really thinking about all the people in your life and all they’ve done for you and your family this year. Teachers often top our customers’ lists around the holidays, but it can be hard to pick something for that active teacher in your life. Let Lively help! We’ve picked out 10 great gifts that are cute, functional, and won’t break the bank. (And if all else fails, we can do gift cards in any denomination.)

IMG_17011. Lively Chicago Flag Shirt ($24) We love Chicago. We love running. We love this t-shirt. Lively designed and Lively produced, this shirt epitomizes everything we love about running locally.

IMG_17002. Addaday Junior ($19) This little guy is amazing. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, he can provide targeted muscle relief to any area. For teachers, who are on their feet all day, it works particularly well placed on the floor to roll out the arch and ball of the foot. Teachers can store it in their desk and pull it out at recess for quick foot relief.

IMG_16983. Body Glide ($5.99) If you know your child’s teacher is a runner or training for his or her first 5K, Body Glide is an easy add-on to any gift. While the name may sound strange, Body Glide is a well-known essential for any runner’s gym bag. Trust us — you’ll never meet a runner who doesn’t swear by this stuff for avoiding chafing and blisters.

IMG_16974. The Orb ($19.95) At Lively, we love the magical Orb for rolling out sore backs and tight hammies. Anne is especially drawn to it on arm/back day because, dude, she lifts and she lifts heavy. The unidirectional capabilities mean muscle soreness has nowhere to hide.

IMG_16935. Clif Shot Bloks in Tropical Punch ($2.30) The blue color definitely fits the theme of this gift list, but we also chose to feature Tropical Punch because it’s a fan favorite. Each little cube is exactly 33 calories, so you can tailor your intake exactly to what you’re running, riding, or swimming on that day.

IMG_16966. Balega Hidden Comfort Socks ($12) We can’t say enough good stuff about this sock. It passes the Laundry Test: it’s our top-choice sock when we’ve just washed all our clothes and have our pick of any sock we own. They’re soft and cushiony and never get stiff, no matter how much you sweat in them or how many times you wash them.

IMG_16997. Nuun Energy in Wild Berry ($6.50) Eight Calories. Caffeine. Hydration. Nuun Energy provides the perfect amount of pick-me-up for anyone, and we think teachers will love it to help them power through any post-lunch fatigue. Plus, Nuun tablets provide an eco-friendly alternative to other beverages since you can use your own water bottle rather than grabbing a disposable one from the vending machine.

IMG_16958. Feetures! Merino Wool Elite Quarter Socks ($14.99) Where to even start with these amazing socks? They are incredibly soft to the touch and will keep a teacher’s toes toasty on her way to and from school. The best part? The anatomical construction. There’s a left foot and a right foot for targeted arch support and shaping. They’re also blister-resistant, slip-resistant, and moisture-wicking for optimal performance.

IMG_16929. Amphipod Vizlet LED Reflectors ($19.95) These cute little reflectors are bright and clip onto almost anything (magnets!). With the sun barely making an appearance these days, it’s extra important to be extremely visible before and after school, when the light is low. (Bonus tip: For that reason, these are also great clipped onto kids’ backpacks.)

IMG_170210. FlipBelt (shown in Aqua and Royal; $28.99) The FlipBelt is one of Lively’s Best-Selling Items of 2014. The design is ingeniously simple; it’s basically one long pocket that wraps around your hips. You can stash anything in there — your phone while you run, your valuables when you’re traveling — and the items won’t fall out and the belt won’t budge. Anne puts her iPhone 6+ in hers, with the case on, without a struggle.

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08 Dec, 2014

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