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Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Runner in Your Life

You married a runner. Congratulations! We hope you’ve enjoyed being woken up at 4:45 am every Saturday while she paws through a drawer, looking for the “right” technical sock for that day’s long run.

Now you may wonder, What do I get her for our anniversary, when her only hobby is running and I think she may love running more than she loves me?

Great question! A running spouse is very different from your typical, run-of-the-mill spouse, so different anniversary gifts are in order.

Year 1. Traditional Gift: Paper | Runner Gift: Bib

Ask any runner, and she’ll likely have some amount of guilt over how much she spends on race fees. Surprise her with an entry to a local 5K! If you want to be really sweet, sign yourself up too and run together. Hasn’t she been hinting that she wishes you would start running too? And how cute would that selfie be at the finish line? Come on, give her a reason to use “#blessed” unironically.

Year 2. Traditional Gift: Cotton | Runner Gift: FOR PETE’S SAKE ANYTHING BUT COTTON

Cotton kills. Are you trying to kill her? Through painful gross blisters and chafing? Scrap the cotton and give her a cute technical top made purely out of performance fibers or a natural wicking material, like bamboo. To make it sexy, consider getting her a new sports bra and a container of Body Glide. Just as hot as any piece of strappy lingerie, right?

Year 3. Traditional Gift: Leather | Runner Gift: Gore-Tex

If your lady runner is an all-year runner, give her something to keep her warm and dry on snowy days. Water-resistant and water-proof shoes and jackets are a nice indulgence she’s unlikely to splurge on for herself. Plus, the card pretty much writes itself: “This jacket represents my love for you let; let it keep you warm on even the chilliest morning runs,” etc. You’re welcome.

Year 4. Traditional Gift: Fruit/Flowers | Runner Gift: A Bouquet Crafted Out of Fruit-Flavored Gels, Edible Arrangements-style

Grab some pipe cleaners, a dozen or so Cran-Razz gels, done and done.

Year 5. Traditional Gift: Wood | Runner Gift: GPS Watch

Year 5 is a biggie, you guys, and to a runner, the biggest, bestest gift of all is a new GPS watch. If your runner doesn’t already have one, she definitely needs one. If she has one, treat her to a new, top-of-the-line one. Better than diamonds, we swear.

Year 6. Traditional Gift: Candy/Iron | Runner Gift: Coaching Sessions

Candy/Iron? These are getting weird, Sure, most runners love chocolate, hence the popularity of the Hot Chocolate race series, we’re presuming, but a heart-shaped box of sugar isn’t going to help her reach her goals and, let’s face it, if she wants candy, she is going to buy it herself and eat it quietly after you go to bed so that she doesn’t have to share. Instead, find a local running coach and purchase a package or one-time session to help your runner reach new heights in the next year. She’ll love that you take her so seriously as a runner.

Year 7. Traditional Gift: Wool/Copper | Runner Gift: Wool

We’re cool with wool, since some of our fave running gear is crafted from merino or mohair. You can’t go wrong with Icebreaker and, if you want to make it romantic, why not give her a pair of Icebreaker Sprite Hot Pants? They’re cute AND keep her bum warm on wintry runs. Everyone wins!

Year 8. Traditional Gift: Pottery/Bronze | Runner Gift: Milestone Jewelry

A necklace celebrating her longest distance or latest PR is the perfect gift for any occasion. A delicate, understated 26.2 or 13.1 necklace pairs well with any outfit, unlike a participant medal, which you can only wear for so long after race day before your coworkers start to avoid you in the hallway.

Year 9. Traditional Gift: Willow/Pottery | Runner Gift: Destination Race

Turn a romantic weekend getaway into something better: a destination race! Find a relaxing spot—wine country in California or Oregon, for example—and see if there’s a race in your wife’s preferred distance anytime near your anniversary. Sign her up, book the trip, and bam! You’re the best spouse ever!

Year 10. Traditional Gift: Tin/Aluminum | Runner Gift: GPS Watch

There have probably been some good updates in the last 5 years. Plus, this way, you can have her old one. Hasn’t she been trying to get you to start running for, what, like 10 years now?

so good at Photoshop, I know

This blog post was inspired by Lively co-owner Kate receiving a new Garmin watch for her anniversary. And it is the best thing ever.

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09 Sep, 2015

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