About Us

We (sisters Anne and Kate) opened Lively Athletics in July 2014, after realizing there was nowhere to go in Oak Park for cute athletic clothes, and this was right around the time all of us began wearing yoga pants all of the time. (Best fashion trend ever??? We think so. Goodbye, uncomfortable buttons and zippers!) 

In fact, there wasn't a store in all of Chicago that specialized in women's athletic wear and shoes that was also beautiful, appealing, and welcoming to every body size and shape. (We know because we visited literally all of them.)

We followed our hearts then as we took a huge leap of faith, and we follow our hearts now by focusing on giving back to our community, listening to what our customers want (kids' shoes? you got it! all the cozy joggers? no prob!), and staying focused on our mission of providing the best, most nicest customer service ever.

Being nice sounds simple, but it is truly what makes us different. We are nice. Everyone who works here is nice. And we will be nice to you if you come and see us. 

If you ever need anything, just give us a call at 708-358-0605.