Why Shopping Local Matters

Independents bring substantial benefits to their local economies when compared to their chain competitors. The extra dollars in the local economy produce more jobs for residents, extra tax revenues for local governments, more investment in commercial and residential districts, and enhanced support for local nonprofits. In short, locally owned, independent businesses create better places.

Andersonville Study of Retail Economics

We Give Back

We donate thousands in funds, prizes, and product each year to wonderful causes such as school fundraisers, our park district, local races, wellness initiatives, and to nonprofit organizations such as Hephzibah.

We also volunteer to collect donations at our store; for example, we hosted a tampon drive organized by a high schooler who worked at Lively. Year-round, we accept donations of gently used athletic shoes, which go to the MORE Foundation.

We partner with BFF, a local women's running group, to provide free shoes to the children at Hephzibah, who often arrive at the home with nothing.

And we're excited to announce a new partnership!
We are working with Sneakers4Funds to collect good condition, used sneakers that will be shipped direct to developing nations. AND we will get checks sent to us for each bag we send, that go directly to local organizations & will rotate quarterly. Go clean out that closet now please, and drop your shoes off at Lively (clean, gently used ADULT shoes only, please!)

Your Money Stays Here

When you shop locally, your dollars stay in your community. Lively is fully owned and operated within Oak Park. Our headquarters are here, and we pay taxes here.

Lively owners Anne and Kate, and all of our employees, live here, and we spend our money here. If you shop with us, you allow us to hire people in our community, to give back to local causes that matter to you, and to contribute to the overall strength and economic viability of our village.