Run With Us


We're so excited to be partnering with Run Oak Park to be offering an 8k Training Group (targeting the ever popular Shamrock Shuffle) starting 1/30. Get TWO great coaches, and a lot of accountability and fun. All the planning and strategizing is taken out of your hands- just show up and run!

And hold tight for #GOvember 2022. Named Chicago's best challenge by ESPN, it's when we ask you to run or walk every street in Oak Park! Click here to download the 2021 map and start strategizing your runs!

We offer focused, professionally coached training programs throughout the year in partnership with RUN Oak Park. Running with a mask is required, experience is not! We love beginners.

In non-pandemic times, we also offer a free group run every Wednesday at 6:30 pm that departs from Lively. We run a 5K loop and all paces are welcome (yes, even walkers!). Request to join the group on Facebook at to keep up-to-date with our awesome running friends.

runners participating in our popular challenge to run every street in River Forest

Looking for a free challenge to complement your training or keep you motivated? Look no further! Our #SpringGO 2021 challenge kicks off on 4/1.  Run every single street in River Forest once, twice, or 3 times, you crazypants. Free and fun, with prizes along the way! Download the map and get running!