RUN Oak Park 5k Training Plan

Thank you so much for buying shoes from Lively!

Kate and Janice

We hope those new shoes got you out and moving, enjoying life and taking some steps towards a healthier life (yes, that was absolutely a terrible shoe pun).

Maybe you bought the shoes to embark on a new running lifestyle?

Well, we would love to recommend one of our favorite local running coaches (and just plain old favorite people!), Coach Janice of RUN Oak Park. She designed this custom 8 Week 5k Training Plan  (click to download a printable PDF) just for Lively, and we love it. If you have questions or want to take your training to the next level, we can't recommend Coach Janice enough!

We are always teaming up with Coach Janice for paid, in-person running groups and they get rave reviews and repeat clients. Click here for the current offerings.

8 week 5k training plan

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