Reflective Safety Iron-Ons
Reflective Safety Iron-Ons
Reflective Safety Iron-Ons
Brilliant Reflective

Reflective Safety Iron-Ons

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Reflective Strips Iron-Ons are designed to reduce automobile-based injuries in children, runners, walkers and cyclists by increasing their visibility. The Reflective Strips are offered in different colors, easy to apply, and extremely reflective. These Brilliant Reflective Strips can be ironed on to any article of clothing of your choice. All made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material, these reflective strips are highly durable, waterproof and allow the user to be visible up to 500 feet.

  • Adheres with a low temperature iron-on adhesive that can be done with a home iron.
  • 36 Colorized Black Iron-On strips that can be permanently added to clothing. 30 Square Inches of total Reflective per Pack. Total 90 Square Inches.
  • ​Brilliant Reflective is highly durable, waterproof. Perfect for outdoor clothing, backpacks, hats, shirts, jackets, Halloween costumes & many more.
  • Excellent permanent reflective solution for garments with little or no reflective. Can be used as a design element of the equipment.
  • The low temperature adhesive allows you to put it on almost any type of fabric and not ruin the garment.
  • Brilliant® Reflective is used to enhance the visibility of virtually any garment while providing an improve aesthetic over traditional silver reflective.