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Yemba Coffee

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Coffee? At Lively! Why not! We're suckers for a good cause- and this qualifies.

Hasani Cannon was inspired to pursue his dream of being an artist by Edward Redd, founder of YEMBA, Inc., a nonprofit offering vulnerable youth mentoring, tutoring, and life skills.  Mr. Redd provided Hasani with a drawing pad and colored pencils and validated his talent. Now an art major at the University of Illinois-Springfield, Hasani plans to get an MFA- and is determined to give back to other youth, just like Mr. Redd did for him.

Your purchase of this bag of coffee will support YEMBA's efforts to nurture young people and strengthen communities. Launched in 2007, YEMBA has served more that 1,200 youth in after-school programs and provided employment opportunities for high school students serving as Junior Mentors to younger students. This year, all of our Junior Mentors went on to college.