3 Amazing Ways Run Gum Will Supercharge Your Run

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We really shouldn't, but we definitely do have favorites here at Lively, your favorite running store.

I'll talk your ear off about my newfound love for the Cloudgo, for example. But what we're really here to talk about is Kate's (my sister and the co-owner of Lively) obsession with Run Gum. So here's your ultimate (though ultimately biased) run gum review from a girl who uses it daily.

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What are the basics?

Run Gum is easy. It's just two little pieces of gum in a tiny paper packet that's easy to rip open on the fly (like if you're mid-marathon!).  Each piece has 50 mg of caffeine in it, so if you take both, that's roughly equivalent to a tall Starbucks coffee. Or a small coffee from your favorite independent coffee shop, if you are a Gen X kid like me and prefer to support mom-and-pop. 

There are THREE things I just love about Run Gum. I mean, I’m sure there are more. But I guess these are the top 3. 

  1. It's absorbed through your cheek. Why is this important?
  • It’s absorbed more quickly. Up to 5 times as quickly as coffee!
  • No acidic liquid. Sometimes if you drink coffee right before a run, things can get a little, uh… dicey? uncomfortable? urgent? This is a little easier on the ol’ GI tract.
  • Sometimes it’s nice to run or workout on an empty stomach with no liquid sloshing around.
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  1. Proven link between exercise and caffeine. We’re science-based over here at Lively, which sets us apart from a lot of other stores. So we’re happy to cite our sources for you!
    Here’s a great abstract on caffeine and exercise. The highlights?
  • Caffeine increases speed in race-like conditions. It doesn’t seem to help you lift more, if that’s your thing, but it does help you lift longer without fatigue.
  • It lasts for a while! It’s helpful for short exercises of 30 seconds, up to long workouts of 2 hours.
  • It’s just as effective for “users” as it is for non-users. So even if you’re a 2-cup-a-day kind of person, you can still get the caffeine bump for your workout.
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  1. Lightweight and pocket-friendly
  • Want to run to the coffee shop and drop half a paycheck? No! These are under $2 and just grab and go.
  • Do you always have at least one travel mug rolling around in your car, thumping the seat every time you brake? This is better.
  • Stick one in your pocket, your running belt, your glove compartment, your backpack… easy and accessible caffeine!
Lively coffee mug with three packets of run gum spilling from it

So get into Lively! A little caffeine before running (or walking, or pilates, or lifting) will improve your performance. The research seems to show that taking caffeine 45 minutes before your workout is the most effective. I love that it this is a pretty safe, proven, widely-available performance aid that any athlete can use. Now that I’ve done more reading and research, I’m going to start taking a dose of caffeine right before my tough Pilates classes… not because I think I’m going to “win” Pilates, but because I really want to maximize the effort I put into that one hour of working out I get a day. 

We carry run gum in lots of amazing flavors: mint, fruit, bubblegum, fruit punch, and cinnamon.  My favorite is the classic mint, but fruit punch is getting a lot of love!

If Run Gum isn’t for you, we also carry other caffeinated fuel for your workout, and of course we do the non-caffeinated stuff as well.

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