Mother's Day Gifts!

As a mom myself, I have to say that my two favorite types of Mother's Day gifts fall firmly into one of two categories:

1. Luxurious non-necessities that I would never buy for myself

2. Cute hand-print art covered in macaroni and glitter and with breathless declarations of love written all over it.

So, since Lively can't help you with the 2nd category (we do love you! But we have a firm "NO Glitter" rule for the store), we will focus on the best things to buy from that 1st category. 

1. The card. Now that my kids are older, I am unabashedly mushy and love a good card. Kate legit cries every time she opens a shipment from our card vendor, because they are so perfect.

card saying "missing your mom with you on this mother's day"

Greeting card with message "I wish she could be here to see you today"

card saying "i think you're going to be a wonderful mother"2. Jewelry. All our jewelry is carefully curated, made by independent artists, and we try to carry a huge variety in that key $25-50 range so your kids can afford it. 

handmade earrings by independent artist

3. ALL the soft and cozy apparel. This is our specialty. And we're good at it. Our apparel is all amazing, and we basically live in anything Beyond Yoga these days.


beyond yoga sienna brown leggings

4. Basically anything off this amazing list by my friend and travel blogger, Janice. She put together a cute guide to all things National Parks, and I'd honestly love any item off this list, especially if it was accompanied by a guaranteed whine-free hike with my kids.



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