#GOvember2021: 8 Years of Running Every Street in Oak Park

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GOvember: An Overview

Run Oak Park coach holding Oak Park Map

There are two important components to GOvember: a map and a pair of good shoes. Luckily you can get both of those at Lively! Come on in and grab a paper map or two, or download them here.  Get yourself a comfortable pair of shoes while you're at it!

Pick a challenge from the three options below and track your progress on the map provided. After each run, use a marker or pen to trace your route. This is totally on the honor system, which hasn't failed us yet!

Once you’re done, bring the map in to Lively. We’ll have a balloon backdrop set up and photograph you and your map (and your dog and/or other running buddy) in front of it. We love seeing maps and hearing the stories! We love sharing the photos on social!

Mindy poses in fron of a sign that says Run

But, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, just email us a photo of you and your map to info@livelyathletics.com (though this is ONLY necessary if you think you’ve won your level- or if you want us to cheer for you).

Run all east/west streets in Oak Park for a total of 40ish miles.
It’s shorter and more concise, like his writing style.
Run all north/south streets in Oak Park for a total of 70ish miles.
She’s one tough cookie, and so are you.
Because it is ludicrous to attempt to run all of the streets in Oak Park
and we admire you for your all-in approach to GOvember.

Walking, jogging, sprinting, sashaying… it all counts! (Just no driving, skating, or

bicycling, please.) Have fun and enjoy our beautiful village this month!

runners running in oak park

GOvember2021: New This Year

There are two important updates to #GOvember2021:

  1. Kate lobbied hard and relentlessly to re-add Chestnut Lane and Pennsylvania Way. All complaints may be addressed to kate@livelyathletics.com with the subject line “Anne was right (as always)”
  2. YARD SIGNS!! Margaret suggested this in our FB group and we think it’s brilliant. We’ll have them printed and ready for pick up in the store- the perfect way to cheer people on! Free for you- post ‘em with pride. Lively run oak park yard sign

GOvember2021: The Mini Challenges

 Here's a list of some of the fun challenges we're doing- but follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram because we might run some fun flash contests along the way.... (Prizes are all TBD at the moment, as we’re working on sponsorships). Please note that you can only win ONE challenge. Sorry. 

Prizes + Challenges

  1. South-of-the-Tracks Superstar. Awarded to the first person to finish all the streets south of the expressway (as fits for whatever level of challenge you’re doing). Must tag @livelyathletics and use #GOVember2021 and mention this challenge on Instagram or Facebook to be eligible. Prize: $25 Buzz gift certificate. 
  2. Selfie Senstation. Award to whoever posts the cutest selfie the entire month, as judged by the elite team over at Lively. In the event of a tie, winner will be chosen by random number generator. Must tag @livelyathletics and use #GOVember2021 and mention this challenge on Instagram or Facebook to be eligible. Prize: $25 Lively gift certificate
  3. Badass Challenge. We have objectively and scientifically proven that running Harlem is the worst part of all of #GOvember. So this prize is given to whoever gets out there and conquers Harlem first. Must tag @livelyathletics and use #GOVember2021 and mention this challenge on Instagram or Facebook to be eligible. Prize $25 Lively gift certificate
  4. Running Buddy Challenge. Nothing motivates you to finish a GOvember challenge like running with a friend. Post a photo of you and your running buddy (or buddies!) and you’ll be eligible to win this contest. Must tag @livelyathletics and use #GOVember2021 and mention this challenge on Instagram or Facebook to be eligible. 
  1. Oak Park Love Challenge. We love Oak Park so much. Take a selfie by your favorite Oak Park landmark or small business. Must tag @livelyathletics and use #GOVember2021 and mention this challenge on Instagram or Facebook to be eligible. Prize: $25 to whatever biz you pose in front of. 
  2. Grand Prize Raffle.  Finish the challenge? Amazing!!!! Started the challenge and quit? Hey, we’ve all been there and we love you for trying. Email us a photo of ANY level of completion to info@livelyathletics.com by 12/1/2021 and we’ll enter you for a grand prize raffle- prizes TBD!
  3. First Finisher Prize. The first finisher of every challenge (so one each for Hemingway, Betty White, and Ludacris) will win a prize as well! To win, you must BRING the completed map to Lively and let us take your picture. Prize: one $100 gift certificate to Lively for each level. We will scrutinize maps, so be prepared. 

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  • Jessica Flannery on

    Oak Park Friends School just created the Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Challenge. Everything south of the expressway. Yay South Oak Park!

  • Jessica Childs on

    I really appreciate how my photo under this caption makes me look like I was a first place finisher. I’m sure it was actually Bekah. Do NOT take my photo down, though!

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