Lively in Guyville: 3 important updates

We are back!

Looking for a location turned out to be a bit more time-consuming and secret than we thought (we looked at some spaces that aren't quite on the market yet, so we had to be quiet about it). But we picked our space, we signed a lease, and we're ready for next steps!!

Here's our exciting updates:

1. We finally settled on a name: Lively in Guyville. We like that it sounds friendly and small-town-ish (Welcome to Guyville!) and we like that there's a nod to one of Kate's favorite albums, Exile in Guyville, and Liz Phair originally using it to refer to the Chicago music scene. Local history for the win!

new logo

2. We have created a very important survey and could really, really use your help. Have a minute? Help us get things rolling for the new store!

3. We’re brewing a collaborative beer with Oak Park Brewing Company to celebrate our grand opening in their space (we're targeting an 8/7 opening, but that's still up in the air!)

kate drinks beer straight out of the tap

Now taking name suggestions for the beer! It’s gonna be a light, drinkable lager, designed to appeal to our new male customer base. Jim says it will be 40% corn, 60% barley, 10% Axe body spray, 5% whiskey stones, 2% overpriced bikes, and 0.5% opportunity to correct my math, which men love to do if Pete is any indication.


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  • William Kunz on

    Patiently awaiting your opening.

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