There is a small chance we don't "get" men.


We're opening a Men's Store!!


But ok there's a small chance we don't get men.

I mean, I started a women's running group, a women's business book group, Kate and I founded a women's running store... we're out of touch.

In fact, this is a real life text from Kate:

slug text chain

And, if you search for men's goods on our favorite wholesale sites, it's a LOT of beard waxing kits and whiskey stones. Is that what you want? You're all into slugs, whiskey, and beards?

Honestly doesn't sound like a bad life.

Anyways, what are your Top 3 Things About Men we should focus on for our new store?

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  • mark walden on

    have the whole display area built around a cool old convertible, say a Triumph TR6 – guys like cars

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