GOvember2023: The 10th Anniversary Edition


Ten Years of dodging ginkgo, crossing off streets, and silently cursing Harlem Court

It’s that time of year again! Get out your favorite markers, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, and get ready to obsess over a map for hours a day. 

Since this is the TENTH ANNUAL GOVEMBER, we have some special things planned!

woman holding a map

Here are the basics, the same as every year.

The Levels. Pick your level carefully, because each one requires its own strategy! 

Run all east/west streets, from the familiar (Madison) to the obscure (looking at you, Flournoy)  in Oak Park for a total of 40ish miles.
It’s shorter and more concise, like his writing style.
Run all north/south streets in Oak Park for a total of 70ish miles.
She’s one tough cookie, and so are you.
Because it is ludicrous to attempt to run all of the streets in Oak Park
and we admire you for your all-in approach to GOvember. This one will take you up Pennsylvania Way and across North Ave more times than you’d like to admit, for a total of around 140ish miles. 

  1. The Map. The map is freefreeFREE, just like the challenge! Come on in and grab one at the store, or download one here. Track on your own and be honest and thorough. We’ve never monitored participants and the honor system has served us well.  When you finish, bring it in to Lively. We’ll take your photo, congratulate you, and the first 50 in will get a cute little reward bag!
  2. The Prizes. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: there will be NO PRIZE for finishing a level first. Why? Well, we’ve given it a lot of thought and decided this year we’ll give small prizes to the first 50 finishers, and big prizes to raffle winners. This makes it fun for everyone to attempt to finish, even if someone has already completed that level. And it lets us give out the big prizes at the Wrap Party. So, bring your completed map to the wrap party. We’ll draw a winner for each of the 3 levels, and those winners will each get a $100 Lively gift card. Can't make it to the Wrap Party? Make sure you email me your completed map by noon on 12/1 to be entered to win!
  3. The Events. We’re throwing two events this year: 
The Kick-off Run/Walk.  The Kick-off Run/Walk will be 11/1 at 6:30p. Meet at Maple Park, where Coach Janice of Run Oak Park will take us through a dynamic warm up. Then we will all slog up Harlem Avenue together, marking off the worst block on the first day with some good company! Cars will be waiting there to drive you to Lively for snacks and drinks.
The Wrap Party. Bring your maps (finished or not, we’re all about that participation ribbon here at Lively) to Lively at 6p on 12/1 to show off your maps, share stories from the road, and win a prize or two!

The Mini Challenges. These require dedication and Instagram- tag us at @livelyathletics on the ‘gram to be eligible. Sorry! It’s hard to track unless we keep it centralized. 


The Oak Park Marathon. The first 10 people to finish running/walking 26.2 miles can come in to Lively for a free white-elephant-style surprise prize (we can't guarantee it'll be good, but we can guarantee it will be a surprise)! 

10k A Day for 10 Days Stretch Challenge. It’s our 10th anniversary #GOvember so we’re going big on all things TEN! For this challenge, run or walk (at least) 10k every day for 10 days and tag us when you’re done. We’ll pick two random winners and each will get a 50 minute stretch session from our friends at Stretch Lab.

Woofos with Oofos. Run with your dog? Like seeing cute dogs out there? Tag us in a photo of you and your favorite running buddy (or any random dog!).  One man and one woman will win a pair of Oofos

The Oakr Parkr is Goodr ChallengerGoodr was kind enough to give us EIGHT pairs of awesome sunglasses, so this challenge is a good one and will have many winners! Tag us in a picture of your favorite local business that has been around for at least 10 years. We’re celebrating Oak Park institutions that have made this town what it is today. 

OP Coyote Watch 2023. Take a selfie with a coyote in the wild- from a SAFE distance! Anyone who endangers a coyote will be disqualified from all GOvember activities!- and tag us in it.  

Southside Superstar Challenge. Run/walk all the streets of your level that are south of 290. The first to finish will get an amazing gift basket from Elevate Creative Salon and Boutique, one of our favorite south Oak Park businesses.

Swati Challenge. In honor of our generous map sponsor, who prints all the maps for us, take a selfie in front of the Swati logo at Baird and Warner on Chicago and Marion and get a running beanie- she’s giving out 100, so there’s a solid chance you’ll win. Tag @lilndn3 on IG and come to Lively to collect your beanie!


Feats of Strength Challenge. Tag us in a photo of you doing a Feat of Strength (monkey bars at a park? Push ups on your front lawn? Sitting on a bench? It all counts by us! Strength comes in all forms) and be entered to win a free month of fitness from our friends at We, The Collective Fitness

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