SHOES? More like $HOE$ wait maybe that is a bad blog title


So, here is one of our biggest agonies for our men's shoe pop up shop:


It sounds easy, right?

Just stock a bunch of shoes and see what sells!

But here's the thing about shoes: you can't just stock one pair. For every shoe on the shoe wall, there are at least a dozen pairs behind in backstock.

The shoe wall at Lively in Oak Park

So, look at this adorable picture of our women's shoe wall (yes, any excuse to post it because it's so freakin' cute) and do some math- there are 27 shoes on the shoe wall, and about 12 of each behind the scenes (we need to stock size 6-11 with all the half sizes in between). That is 324 pairs of shoes... and I won't tell you how much each pair costs (trade secret!!) but they are NOT free, that's for sure.

The math of selling shoes (you have to sit on a huge inventory to make sure you have all the sizes and models in stock) is daunting so we made a tough choice.

Our men's store will only sell On Running Shoes.

Why ?

1. We love this brand a ton. When we first opened Lively in 2014, On Running was the very first brand to take a chance on us and open an account with us.

2. Their shoes rule. I run in them constantly and love the brand.

3. This brand is on fire. Their popularity is soaring!

4. Our rep Kati is super nice and bought Kate lunch, and anyone who knows us knows this is the way to our hearts. Kidding, kidding. We're not that easily bought off- it would also take, like, a high quality six pack or a really good mocha.

And we can always special order any of our other amazing brands- so don't hesitate to reach out if you want a pair of Hoka, Saucony, Under Armour, or Altra!


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