Coach Kate's 3 Tips for Running Faster

Kate has run some FAST races in her day, and fully plans to get back out there now that her kids are a bit older.

So what are her top 3 tips to run faster?

Kate runs a marathon

1. Make every workout count. Going out for a run? Before you go (or maybe every Sunday night), sit down and think about the reason for your run. Is it going to be about speed? Is it your long run? What are you working on? If your goal is to build speed, 1-2 workouts per week should incorporate a little speed, whether that's going to the track and running intervals or finishing fast on your long run.


2. Strengthen your whole body. Your whole body works together to run, so it really does help to make every part of you stronger.  Look at Olympic runners! Those ladies are wiry but muscular. Running is a very leg-intensive activity, but your legs will only do what your arms will do- so stronger arms--> faster arm pump---> faster legs. Strong muscles will also help with injury prevention, a huge plus- especially if you work your core, which will help with good running form. 

3. The best way to run fast is to run fast. Ok, that sounds a little bit snarky but it's true! You're going to have to push yourself a little bit and it'll slowly get more and more natural. One great way to do it is to make it fun with fartleks. Pick an item and run until you get to it (I run fast to every third tree). Listening to music? Challenge yourself to sprint for 10 seconds every time the singer says "love".  Just have fun and eventually you'll start looking forward to speed workouts.

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