Maybe You Need Some Stress Relief? For Some Reason?

Tuesday 11/3/2020 is going to be... stressful.

To put it mildly.

But, we're a store that loves wellness and community so we're here to bring a little positivity! And if that fails, well, keep scrolling for our tips on how to pack your Go Bag for that Canada "vacation".

We love our friend Sandra Montes. She's a dedicated runner, she is a huge booster for her hometown of Berwyn, and she's just plain old smart and nice. Check out her walk-and-talk therapy options here.

We asked her to collaborate with us on a short meditation to beat election day stress and she came through for us, as always.


My favorite part, by far, was the part where she was like "now get 10% more comfortable".  I feel like that could be a Lively tagline for sure. Or even a personal motto.

If you need a little extra stress relief, Lively is here for you. Retail therapy? No problem. Might we suggest comfy clothes and bath salts?

This sweatshirt isn't necessarily our coziest, but for some reason, the model was giving me a real "are you for real with this nonsense?" vibe.

Maybe our suggestions for coziness and bath soaks aren't doing it for you? Well, we do love our friends north of the border. Two of our favorite brands (Lole and MPG) are from Canada.

Here's a really packable down jacket, just in case you need a Go Bag full of warm clothes for whatever reason.

And here's a super cute bag, for looking chic as you stuff it full of passports and canned beans, just in case.

However Tuesday shakes out, we'll be here for you, in comfort or in celebration. Get out there and vote!

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