The Only Guide You Need for Winter Running

Oh, Chicago. Snowing one day, 70 the next. 

So, if you're going to run in Oak Park, you need to get savvy about your outfit! And luckily, Lively offers the cutest running gear in town.

Here's owner Kate with a video on how to dress for the chilly temperatures during those cold morning runs

1. Dress like it's 10-20 degrees warmer out than it is. This takes some fine-tuning, but the general rule of thumb for runners is dress like it's 20 degrees warmer out. On a 40 degree day, throw on an outfit you'd walk around in if it were 60 degrees out.  The first half mile is a little miserable, but then you'll be the perfect temperature for the rest of your run!

2. Your baselayer should be TIGHT, y'all. The best part of my run is actually the part right before my shower, when I get to pull of my baselayer.  A lot of women hate having a shirt on that really hugs their midsection, but baselayers work best when they fit close. They need to wick away moisture and keep heat trapped in. No one will ever see it, so go skin-tight on this piece.

3. Your midlayer can be looser and cuter.  This is the piece that you'll throw on on chilly mornings, but will still fit under your running jacket when it's icy out.  We give you full permission to go cute on this one. Chicago running frequently calls for a really great long-sleeved half-zip or quarter-zip so you'll get a lot of use out of this piece.


4. Your outerlayer is your tough jacket. Look for a running jacket that's quilted around your core but has flexible panels around your arms and sides. The quilting will keep you warm, the panels will let you move your arms freely. And we love a good down alternative! It's vegan AND won't clump if it gets wet.


5. "Keep your buns toasty" ~Kate Pezalla.  We sell cute running underwear if you suffer from chronic cold butt (TM). 


6.  Mittens beat gloves, hats beat earbands.  We sell all of these awesome running accessories, and I think Kate and I both own all the varieties. As the temperatures drop, hats will keep your heads warmer and mittens will trap more heat in. We love little frills like e-tips, reflectivity, and convertibility (gloves that turn into mittens).

7. Running is the safest way to get a little alone time right now.  I mean, my family rules, but running is a great way to get out of the house during these crazy times. Invest in the right gear + shoes and you'll feel so much better about life, we promise! (PS we sell lots of great trail shoes that are perfect for maneuvering on icy sidewalks)



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