The Inaugural Episode of Our Extremely Popular "Ask Ellen" Segment

Lively Manager Ellen is probably our biggest apparel expert- partially because she surrounds herself with it all day, like some sort of athleisure queen in an athleisure paradise, partially because she winds up owning 60% of the stuff we sell.

Anyways, in this inaugural interview of what we are sure will be an extremely popular segment, Ellen answers the following question (which we may have sort of fabricated for her to read, but I swear we get asked all the time!):

Hey Ellen! I'm a runner and my pants (that I didn't buy at Lively) tend to be too loose at the waist. I find myself tugging them up as I run. Any suggestions?

Watch the video or scroll down for our answer!


So, what Ellen suggests here is that our Dear Customer check out the Oiselle Triple Threat tight or capri. Oiselle is designed by women, for women and they always have thoughtful features- like a drawstring at the waist! And pockets!

We can't sell Oiselle on the website, but here's what we carry

See something you like?

Give us a call at 708-358-0605 or send us an email to

Of, if you're shopping from afar, here's another great pair of pants with all the bells and whistles:

 Do you have a question for Ellen? Want to be featured in our next episode of "Ask Ellen"? Send us an email! Otherwise we'll just keep fabricating 'em.

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  • Mellen Naliff on

    Hello, I would like to know what’s the balance between keeping warm while running in winter, but not overheating. Also I would like to know if Ellen is single. She’s super cute. Have a good day.

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