Prejamas and Other Spring Trends

I sat down today with store owner/buyer/little sister/fake coffee drinker (we were channeling our inner Gilmore Girls- apparently how poorly they fake drinking coffee is a whole trend?) to talk spring trends!

Yes, even though it feels like we're just getting started on fall trends. Luckily some of these trends remain the same (and honestly? the day comfy pants go out of style is the day I give up on fashion. Kidding! I gave up years ago).

So here are some of Kate's top trends for spring!



1. Prejamas. This one is the most intriguing. I'll be honest: I had a LOT of follow up questions about prejamas- when do you shift from a prejama to a pajama? can I wear prejamas to the grocery store? are prejamas appropriate for socializing? when exactly can I get my hands on some prejamas? Look, I will ask ALL the hard-hitting questions about prejamas, but I can also guarantee I will be one of the first in line for some prejamas. And pajamas. And postjamas.  Basically don't make me ever wear real pants ever again. If you want to get an early start on this important trend, might I suggest these pants?


2.  Tie Dye. We carried a small selection of tie-dye in the summer and fall of 2020 and it was so cute and did so well that we're sure this trend will carry over.


3.  Cotton Candy Pastels. This fall, we saw a color palette that veered more towards mulberry, grey, burgundy, and moss. For spring, it's going to be bright and rosy-colored, with lots of pretty light colors. Wanna get ahead of the curve? We love this tracker tee in dusty petal from MPG!

4.Comfort clothing. Move over, mac and cheese. Comfort food is so over*, we're into comfort clothing. I just made that term up, but I think it has real potential. We're seeing a huge surge in clothes that make you feel pretty and cute, while still wrapping you in a cocoon of softness. This year has been the worst, and at the very least, you deserve to be wearing clothes that make you smile. (*I'm just kidding, baked mac and cheese will never be over)

Here's what we have for comfiness right now if you want to be ahead of the trend!


5. Treat yourself! You canceled your summer vacation? Treat yourself! You're managing ALL the e-learning? Treat yourself! You are on zoom more than 0 minutes per day? Treat yourself!  I personally am strongly considering the following two items in my treat myself regime:



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